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WE thanks the WE Chapter Committee comprised of Chapter Council members, Susan Leager, Tamara Geoffrion, Jessica Knight, Jani Duffy, Ruth Gray, and Kate Ziecina. WE Chapter Leads include, Jennifer Eby, Amy Rooney, Jennifer Paukert, Jessica Knight, Carla Caldwell, Nancy Garcia, Gina Coleman, Maria Gillespie, Margo Antonellis, Julie Carr, and Crishana Runge.


If you are interested in leading a Chapter in your area, contact Susan Leager HERE.


Conference Keynote Speakers

Just 1 month to go and only a few spots left!


Jackie Mattox hosts Blair Haas, Chief Executive Officer of Bud Industries, a proud supporter of the WE Annual Conference, in the next episode of the “Leader in Highlight” Podcast Series. In part two of the two-part series, Blair touches on his personal why.


You won't want to miss TODAY'S Leadership Growth webinar! There is still time to join us.


Access article, Is the rally running out of breath? Three potential paths ahead, by Edward Jones contributor, Angelo Kourkafas.


CLICK HERE to access this week's job opportunities from WE sponsor company Arrow Electronics.

CLICK HERE to visit this week’s job board to see the latest entry level job opportunities from Flex.


ACCESS ARTICLE HERE to learn about 8 leadership styles and the famous global leaders who embody them.




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