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Q2 2023 Theme: Engaging Strategies for Managing Resistance to Change

Cost: Complimentary event for Members.

Description: Join WE for a leadership development workshop that will be broadcasted live from the Avnet facility in Phoenix, Arizona! Leadership Coach, Carla Howard, will take us though the process of managing change, which has proven to be one of the most difficult challenges we will face during our careers. While the technical side is challenging, it is the people side where projects and initiatives most often fail. With the rate of change being higher today than it has ever been, and employees across all industries feeling a deep desire for their lives to be stable, dependable, and “normal” again, resistance to change is on the rise! Come learn how small shifts in the way changes are communicated will greatly increase team engagement, increase our level of influence and promotability, and increase change leadership competency!

In this session you will learn:
Critical Key Messages to Share when introducing change
Questions that will help you Move Through Difficult Change
10 Actions for Managing Resistance
5 Virtual Engagement Tactics

Time: June 6, 2023 8:30 AM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time, US and Canada), 3:30 PM GMT.

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