"Why Voice and Visibility are Your Secret Weapons"
Dana Rubin
March 30
8am PST

Is Your Inner Critic Designing Your Future?
Carla Howard

April 13
8am PST

May Leadership Development
with Jeff Henderson
May 6
8am PST 


European Division Virtual Pub Getting to Know WE
April 7
5pm CET

Book Club
“The Code Breaker”
June 21 
11am PST

6th Annual Leadership Conference
“Growing Forward”
March 15-17, 2022
Hyatt Mission Bay San Diego


Uncovering and Utilizing Creativity as a Wellness Strategy
Genein Letford

April 27
8am PST  

“The Impact of Sleep and Circadian Disruption on Metabolic Health”
Dr. Josie Broussard

May 13
8am PST



“Cutting Through the Chaos with Clarity and Confidence”

US Eastern Region:
May 4, 12pm ET
US Central Region:
May 11, 12pm CT
US Western Region:
May18, 11:30am PT

European Division:
June 2, 5pm CET







 EDS Leadership Summit 
The Mirage, Las Vegas, NV 
August 30 – September 2, 2021

ECIA Executive Conference October 24 - 26, 2021



March 30, 2021

As we close Women’s History Month, let’s take the inspirational stories that have been shared throughout the industry and at our Summit last week with us as we work together to advance inclusive and collaborative workplaces.

We hope you enjoyed WE’s Leadership Summit where development experts and industry leaders discussed progressing cultural innovation together! Missed some sessions? Registered participants can view recordings of keynote speaker and Wealth Management Director, Lanän Clark’s, engaging session where she talks about “courageous candor;” Lynn Torrel’s  game plan of resiliency while leading through crisis with empathy and compassion; Phil Gallagher and Alan Bird’s insights for next level career advancement, and strategies to overcome barriers that inhibit our progress with Dr. Shawn Andrews

Registered participants can view recordings and complete session surveys here.


6th Annual Leadership Conference March 15-17, 2022 at the 
Hyatt Mission Bay in San Diego, CA

TODAY! “Why Voice and Visibility are Your Secret Weapons” with Dana Rubin

Tuesday, March 30, 8am PST

Tips and strategies for putting your expertise into the marketplace and boosting your professional image.


Access Dana’s article on America’s first female speaker who  wasn't recognized for 200 years

Connector Supplier reports that including women in tech workplaces increases innovation, operations, and profits, with organizations like Women in Electronics working to close the gender gap. WE Founder and President Jackie Mattox talks about the collective, unifying movement towards gender parity in the industry. 


Mark your Calendars! Next Virtual Pub April 7 at 5pm CET!

“Uncovering and Utilizing Creativity as a Wellness Strategy” with Genein Letford, M.Ed, Intercultural Creativity Consultant & Best-Selling Author

Tuesday, April 27, 8am PST

Studies show creativity is connected to our well-being. Learn simple activities to reawaken your inner imagination, curiosity and joy at our April Life Balance event!


“Cutting Through the Chaos with Clarity and Confidence”

Eastern Region: May 4
Central Region: May 11
Western: May 18
European Division: June 2

Calendar your Q2 Chapter Meeting now and be part of our discussion about aligning your personal and professional goals to come out strong on the other side of COVID.


Supply chain issues are front and center!  Stay updated on solutions and strategies with Flex article “Supply Chain Regionalization is Not a Binary Decision.”


After a great month of inspirational stories, start the next chapter of your story by participating in WE’s signature Mentorship program! 

Applications are being accepted until May 31.

In Part 2 of our podcast with Steve Cholas, Vice President, Business Development for BIG ZETA, Steve talks about how passion for what you do drives your career and reminisces about his early female mentors.



Save the Date! - June 21
11am PST
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Every week we hope you take time to read a professional development article and also make steps to incorporate wellness strategies into your daily life. Have you considered how healthy vulnerability opens doors in the workplace or how to recognize warning signs if you have headaches?

How to be vulnerable at work without spilling everything

5 types of headaches you should never, ever ignore

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As we conclude Women’s History Month, we remember Amelia Earhart. In 1929 she formed Ninety-Nines: an international organization for the advancement of female pilots, which still exists today and represents women flyers from 44 countries. Another great example of a collaborative global initiative to support the advancement of women, but also benefits both men and women globally as well!  READ

"I never lose. I either win or learn."
 – Nelson Mandela

Make it a great week!

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